Everything you'll need until graduation - and after it!

Are you about to start a course in Hairstyling, Nail Styling, Foot Care, Make-up or Beauty Care? Then you’re going to need your own supplies to use in class and prepare for your exam. You can find everything you need at Beautyblue.

Beautyblue supply packages are designed and pre-made to be perfect for your course. The Beautyblue team works with us to make sure you have everything necessary to prepare for your exam.

Prepared by your teacher

At Ondernemersschool, your teacher will be a successful entrepreneur with years of independent experience in their field – which is to say, you’ll be learning from a proven professional.

The contents of the packages you’ll get on Beautyblue are monitored by our training team. We work with high-quality, professional-grade products. The package contains everything you’ll need for class and for home practice – all at the best price on the market.

Why should you buy your own supplies? For one, you’re sure nobody else has used them. Instead of sharing with who-knows-who, you’ll be using your personal set of sanitized supplies – like real professionals do. It’s also a great investment in your future business – once your career takes off, you’re going to need your supplies again.

The perfect way to prepare for the exam

Quality products, custom tailored to your course, and approved by your teacher, at a premium price – what more could a student want? The right supplies will help you keep up with your curriculum, hone your skills and ace your exam!

How does it work?

You’ll notice there are several packages available for a course. The standard package is – unless stated otherwise – sufficient to complete your curse.